Editor's Introduction: Hobart and the Future of Lit (Mags)
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"Through Other Eyes": An Interview with Nam Le
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A Poetics of Emptiness: On the Poetry of Five Points
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Guerilla Publishing : An Interview with the Editors of The Lumberyard
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The Last Movement Literary Magazine: n+1
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How to Start a War: McSweeney's 26
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How to Criticize: A Writer Attends Meeka Walsh’s Workshop on Art Criticism
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Cave Wall: The First Three Issues
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The Gettysburg Review Celebrates Twenty Years of “Carrying Literary Elitism to New and Annoying Heights”
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"You Are the Bad Smell": A Fiction Excerpt from Apple Valley Review
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Letters to Luna Park: Rhett Iseman Responds to Thomas Washington; Albert Goldbarth's Brief Missive About the LP Blog; and more



Luna Park is a quarterly and occasional review of the world of literary magazines, but it is also interested in all forms of literature and art. We began Luna Park much for the same reasons many publications begin: we felt there was some sort of lack that needed to be filled. Luna Park presents reviews of some of the most interesting literary magazines recently published, as well as essays, interviews, and excerpts from the literary magazine world.

Luna Park was founded on the idea that literary magazines are credible, important, and interesting venues for artistic work–at the same time reminiscent of a fine art gallery and a burlesque carnival. Because of this, they are as deserving of critical attention as other artistic works, such as paintings, films, and novels. George Hitchcock, former editor of Kayak, once said that literary magazines “are the furnace where American literature is being forged.”

The following sentiments are from the original New York Review of Books editors over forty years ago, but, as they said it first and best, we have changed very little here: We do not presume to have covered all recent issues of literary magazines, or even the most interesting and important ones. The hope of the editors is to suggest, however imperfectly, some of the qualities which a responsible literary review should have and to discover whether there is, in America, not only the need for such a review but the demand for one. Readers are invited to submit their comments to

Luna Park, Coney Island, 1907

Editor: Travis Kurowski

Managing Editor: Sarah Lowery White

New York Editor: Robert Bern

Poetry Editor: Julia Johnson

Soliciting Editor: Raymond Wachter

Copy Editor: Marcelle Heath

Advisory Board: Frederick Barthelme, Phillip Gentile,
Elizabeth Koch, Todd Zuniga

Staff Writers: William Wright, Sam Ruddick

Web Specialist: Brandt Kurowski []


Georgia—Twenty Years Ago
Photograph, Leica M-4, Fugichrome original


Ted Solotaroff, founder and editor of New American Review, has died.

Mahmoud Darwish, poet and activist, has died.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has died.

Alma Newhouse steps in as new editor of Nextbook.

New Philadephia literary magazine: First City Review [link to the magazine here]

New, free literary magazine for Washington, DC commuters: Bit o' Lit

Objects As Magazines / Magazines As Objects exhibition part of Art Book Triennale in Milan

New Letters & Thomas E. Kennedy win national magazine award

New UK literary magazine: Pen Pusher

Alex Clark becomes Granta's first female editor

Senator Obama's literary journal publications

Hitotoki � A narrative map of the world