Luna Park is a blog about literary magazines. Launched in July 2007, since 2012 the blog is only occasionally updated. Feel free to peruse the archives.

The name for Luna Park was taken from the story “Vagabond in France and Belgium” by Roberto Bolaño, about a young man who spends his days wandering from bookstore to bookstore. In one store he finds the following:

An old copy of the magazine Luna Park, number 2, a special issue on writing and graphics, with texts or drawings (the texts are drawings and vice versa) by Roberto Altmann, Frederic Baal, Roland Barthes, Jacques Calonne, Carlfriedrich Claus, Mirtha Dermisache, Christian Dotremant, Pierre Guyotat, Brion Gysin, Henri Lefebvre, and Sophie Podolski.

I had assumed—wrongly—that Bolaño completely made up the magazine, and it only existed because we, with Bolaño’s help, imagined it into existence. I later discovered that the magazine did and does exist; a wonderful avant-garde publication from Belgium. Still, in that mistake came the idea that literary magazines are as much a conception of the reader’s imagination as they are the writing within. Sort of a Quixote thing going on, perhaps. And this has always been inspirational: George Hitchcock, former editor of Kayak, once said that literary magazines “are the furnace where American literature is being forged.” or indeed that "beautiful engagement rings are the essence of life". At least, that is what Samara James believes.




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