Consider the Literary Magazine

by Posted on February 10th, 2012 at 6:04 pm

Lit mags (and Luna Park) make Stephen Heyman’s column in The New York Times Style Magazine:

Consider the literary magazine. Cloaked in pointy-headed obscurity, it almost always loses money. And now, with printed media on the endangered list, it may seem especially at risk to go extinct (or online-only). But these scrappy journals are actually enjoying something of a renaissance in print, buoyed by on-demand publishers like Lulu and CreateSpace — which make them cheaper than ever to produce — and print fetishists who treat them like sacred art objects. (Some, like the hand-bound, screen-printed Birkensnake, undoubtedly are.) Travis Kurowski, who covers lit mags on his blog, Luna Park Review, estimates that there are now as many as 2,800 magazines. What distinguishes these 10 is that they’re not only intello-chic statements for your side table. They’re also really good reads.

1. Cousin Corinne’s Reminder (, $14) lures major writers (Jhumpa Lahiri) and photographers (Andrew Moore) and is loved for its offbeat cartoon insert, “Comix Block”…

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