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RIP, StoryTime Africa

by Posted on July 16th, 2013 at 10:29 am

StoryTime AfricaI hadn’t been to StoryTime Africa‘s website in awhile, and after a recent visit I was saddened to see that it closed its doors last June. For five years, the online magazine published extremely engaging fiction from contemporary African writers.  From editor Ivor Hartmann’s goodbye letter:

When I started StoryTime in 2007 it was partly in response to the dire lack of African lit mags, especially online mags. In 2012 this is not longer the case I’m happy to say, with numerous online African lit mags now up and running and publishing a wide variety of quality African lit. In some small way, I think StoryTime has helped lead this prolific transition into online media, which has given voice to thousands of African writers who previously only had meagre, print only, platforms to do so.

Hartmann reports that “To date, StoryTime has published: 146 short stories, 45 book excerpts, and three anthologies were drawn from the best of the magazine.”

But have no fear. We end on a positive note. According to the publisher’s response to a tweet I sent out about StoryTime, “We have closed the mag but we are still publishing anthologies, see the annual African Roar and AfroSF.”

[Editor's note: David Backer originally wrote this post in January.]